Rutherford B Hayes

Born: 4 Oct 1822, Delaware, OH
Died: 17 Jan 1893, Fremont, OH

19th President of the United States

Common Ancestor:
George Hayes
8th Gr Grandfather
of Merle G Ladd
3rd Gr Grandfather
of Rutherford Hayes
Hannah Hayes Daniel Hayes
Elizabeth Abbott Ezekiel Hayes
Moses Beers Rutherford Hayes
Abigail Beers Rutherford Hayes
Ira Fancher Rutherford B Hayes
Lucilla Fancher  
Douglas C Ladd  
Irving L Ladd  
Allen D Ladd  
Merle G Ladd  
Relationship to Merle G Ladd:
4th Cousin, 5 Times Removed
Born in Ohio in 1822, Hayes was educated at Kenyon College and Harvard Law School. After five years of law practice in Lower Sandusky, he moved to Cincinnati, where he flourished as a young Whig lawyer

He fought in the Civil War, was wounded in action, and rose to the rank of brevet major general.

Although a galaxy of famous Republican speakers, and even Mark Twain, stumped for Hayes, he expected the Democrats to win. When the first returns seemed to confirm this, Hayes went to bed, believing he had lost. But in New York, Republican National Chairman Zachariah Chandler, aware of a loophole, wired leaders to stand firm: "Hayes has 185 votes and is elected." The popular vote apparently was 4,300,000 for Tilden to 4,036,000 for Hayes. Hayes's election depended upon contested electoral votes in Louisiana, South Carolina, and Florida. If all the disputed electoral votes went to Hayes, he would win; a single one would elect Tilden.

Months of uncertainty followed. In January 1877 Congress established an Electoral Commission to decide the dispute. The commission, made up of eight Republicans and seven Democrats, determined all the contests in favor of Hayes by eight to seven. The final electoral vote: 185 to 184.

To the delight of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Lucy Webb Hayes carried out her husband's orders to banish wines and liquors from the White House.