Florence Kling Harding

Born: 15 Aug 1860, Marion, OH
Died: 21 Nov 1924, Marion, OH

First Lady

Common Ancestor:
Mary Hayes
8th Gr Grandmother
of Merle G Ladd
4th Gr Grandmother
of Florence M Kling
John Bouton Eleazer Bouton
Eunice Bouton Ezra Bouton
John Fancher Jachin Bouton
Squire Fancher Harvey Bouton
Ira Fancher Louisa Bouton
Lucilla Fancher Florence M Kling
Douglas C Ladd  
Irving L Ladd  
Allen D Ladd  
Merle G Ladd  
Relationship to Merle G Ladd:
5th Cousin, 4 Times Removed
Daughter of the richest man in a small town--Amos Kling, a successful businessman--Florence Mabel Kling was born in Marion, Ohio, in 1860, to grow up in a setting of wealth, position, and privilege. Much like her strong-willed father in temperament, she developed a self-reliance rare in girls of that era.

Warren G. Harding had come to Marion when only 16 and, showing a flair for newspaper work, had managed to buy the little Daily Star. When he met Florence a courtship quickly developed. Over Amos Kling's angry opposition they were married in 1891, in a house that Harding had planned, and this remained their home for the rest of their lives. (They had no children.)