Daniel Baird Wesson

Born: 18 May 1825, Worcester, MA
Died: 14 Aug 1906, Springfield, MA

Industrialist, Co-founder of Smith and Wesson Firearms

Common Ancestor:
Katherine Gonson
12th Gr Grandmother
of Merle G Ladd
7th Gr Grandmother
of Daniel B Wesson
Elizabeth Hawkins Richard Hawkins
John Bouchier Sears Grace Barron
Richard Sears Mary Barron
Deborah Sears Mary Warren
Zachariah Paddock Hannah Fiske
Elizabeth Paddock Joshua Bigelow
Rebecca Howes Hannah Bigelow
Phebe Bangs Rufus Wesson
Allen Crowell Daniel B Wesson
Charles Crowell  
Freeman S Crowell  
Gracelend M Crowell  
Allan D Ladd  
Merle G Ladd  
Relationship to Merle G Ladd:
8th Cousin, 5 Times Removed

Daniel Baird Wesson (born Worcester, Massachusetts May 18 , 1825 - died August 4 , 1906 ), son of Rufus and Betsey (Baird) Wesson.

He married Cynthia Maria Hawes, May 26 , 1847 in Thompson, Connecticut.

Industrialist. He co-founded the Smith and Wesson firearms manufacturing company with his partner Horace Smith, in Springfield, Massachusetts.

In the 1850s they invented the repeating action, self contained cartridge revolver.

The Smith and Wesson name and logo are one of the most widely recognized brands of firearms in the world today.

Daniel Wesson endowed the former Wesson Memorial Hospital, also in Springfield, Massachusetts, and was a strong advocate of homeopathy. The White Cliffs Estate, a summer residence in Northborough, Massachusetts, still in existence today, was built for his wife Cynthia, upon her request.